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What is NAD?

NAD is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It is essential to life because it catalyzes

reactions for more than 500 enzymes, including those involved in the production of

cellular energy (ATP). NAD plays an essential role in many cellular processes such as

repairing damage DNA to prevent cancer, getting rid of aging (senescent) cells,

mitochondrial function, regulation of sleep and immune response, and reduction of

inflammation and free radicals. Deficient NAD levels are linked to loss of function and

vitality as well as many age-related diseases.

What are the potential benefits of optimizing NAD levels?

There are numerous benefits from NAD optimization. The common and important ones

include increased energy, better sleep, improved performance, reduction in muscle and

joint pains, enhanced immunity against infections, reduced inflammation, reduction in

insulin resistance, clearer mental clarity, and improved liver function, just to name a few.

Actual benefits may vary from person to person and may depend on the cause of the

health conditions. NAD optimization is the first and necessary step towards better health

and longevity.

What are the signs of low NAD levels?

There are potentially many different signs of low NAD levels. The most common signs

include chronic fatigue, lack of energy, poor performance, lack of mental clarity,

sleeping issues, and poor health in general. However, you may not have any symptoms

yet when your NAD levels are already low.

Who needs to elevate NAD levels the most?

NAD starts a sharp decline in late twenties with many individuals and about 25% of

younger individuals also have suboptimal or deficient NAD levels. It continues to

decline with age and the vast majority of people in their 40s and older is deficient in

NAD. The best way to determine whether someone needs to elevate NAD levels is by

taking an NAD test. Jinfiniti offers the first and only NAD test available to doctors and


Why is it important to take NAD test and who should take the test?

Everyone can, and all adults should, take an NAD test to determine their NAD level to

help determine whether their NAD level is within the optimum range or supplementation

is needed. If you already take NAD supplements or other products, you must find out

whether they are working for you. If you are still not in the optimum range, you can

change the product or dosage until you find the right approach to get your NAD

optimized. This is essential because most NAD products on the market do not work at

all or cannot optimize NAD levels in most individuals.

What is the best way to optimize NAD levels?

There are many potential options for raising one’s NAD levels. These fall into three

different categories. The most efficient way to raise one’s intracellular NAD is through

supplementation with NAD precursors, building blocks that our cells use to make the

NAD molecule. There are a few NAD precursors, including nicotinamidemononucleotide (NMN), nicotinamide riboside (NR), nicotinamide (NAM) and niacin

(nicotinic acid). Studies have shown that NMN, especially, certain NMN formulations

like Jinfiniti’s Vitality Boost, is the most efficient way to raise one’s NAD levels and to

gain functional benefits. The other ways that have been explored to raise one’s NAD

levels include the NAD molecule (delivered orally, injections, patches or via IV),

inhibition of the enzymes that degrade NAD, or increasing the enzymes that make NAD.

Based on our data, the efficacy of these approaches is variable depending on the

products and the users, and often unproven. It is important that users test the efficacy of

their chosen products, ideally through NAD blood level testing, to find out whether a

product is working or not.

Intravenous infusion of NAD, which is becoming very popular among some circles, does

NOT elevate intracellular NAD levels, although it can offer clinical benefits for some

diseases such as neurological conditions and certain infectious diseases. For longevity,

wellness and performance purposes, elevation of intracellular NAD is critical. As a

minimum, one should consider the combination of iv NAD and oral supplementation with

NAD precursors, if iv NAD does offer certain benefits to you.

Subcutaneous injection of NAD+ only increases intracellular NAD levels modestly and

rarely optimize the NAD levels for most people we have tested.

Can’t I just purchase NAD supplements from any vendors?

There are many different products, brands, and delivery routes. The products on the

market are extremely variable in terms of efficacy, much of which has not been tested in

clinical studies. Furthermore, a product that works well for one person may not work for

others. You should find out whether your chosen product works for you by testing your

NAD levels.

Why should I choose the Jinfiniti NAD supplement?

Jinfiniti’s flagship NAD supplement, the Accuri™ Vitality Boost, has been extensively

tested in clinical studies as well as by large numbers of consumers. It allows

optimization of NAD in about 90% of our customers the first trial and we promise to work

with each customer to find a satisfactory solution. Furthermore, almost all customers

with optimized NAD levels experience clinical improvement in some health and

performance aspects that are not at optimum level. We offer total guarantee of NAD

optimization with a money-back guarantee.

How do I take the Jinfiniti NAD supplements? What time of day? With or without


The Jinfiniti NAD supplement, Accuri™ Vitality Boost, is a powder that can easily be

dissolved in water. The powder form is preferred because it does not contain any other

substances, fillers, that are normally used to make capsules. Also, users can adjust the

dosage easily. One can simplify dissolve the desired amount of powder in room

temperature water and drink it slowly. Keeping the solution in the mouth for 30-60

seconds for each sip can increase absorption via the sublingual route and can be

helpful for brain function. We recommend taking two doses daily, one in the early partof the day, and one in the evening. However, you can take the Vitality Boost at any

time, with or without food. It is best to take the product before you feel tired and need a

boost of energy. For those with sleeping issues, take it right before bedtime to help you


Are there side effects or health risk to taking NAD supplements?

There are no known side effects associated with taking NAD supplements of high

quality and at safe dosage. NMN supplements have been used by tens of thousands of

people over years. We’re not aware of any serious side effects. All Jinfiniti officers have

been taking the product daily for up to two years without any concern. Each batch of

supplements is first tested personally by the founder and chief scientist before it goes

out on the market. The only possible contraindication would be active cancer. There is

zero credible evidence that NAD supplementation causes cancer; however, it is

unknown whether NAD supplements are beneficial or harmful to cancer patients

because NAD can boost antitumor immunity (good for survival) and possibly accelerate

cancer cell proliferation. We recommend caution for patients with active cancer. You

can find more information on this topic from our “Learn” page.

Does it interfere with my current vitamin regimen?

NAD supplements may improve the efficacy of other supplements. We have shown that

optimization of NAD levels can increase the efficacy of other treatments. A tiny

proportion of people who are taking large doses of vitamin B3 (Niacin), a form of NAD

precursors, may have high levels of NAD and do not need to take other NAD

precursors. Testing for NAD levels will help decide whether extra NAD supplementation

is needed and how much.

Will I feel different or better once I have optimized my NAD levels? What can I


Most people taking our “Vitality Boost” NAD supplements feel a clear difference. The

improvement may be immediate or may take 2-3 months, depending on what conditions

need improved. Generally, people who have severely deficient NAD levels and have

increased their NAD to above 50µM (micromole) notice clear improvements. However,

people who already have relatively high NAD levels, and/or who do not have any

specific complaints, may or may not experience a noticeable difference.

Can I have too much NAD?

Yes, you can have too much NAD, like anything else. However, scientists have not yet

determined how much is too much. We recommend staying within 100μM. This does

not mean levels above 100μM are harmful and we have seen a small number of

customers with naturally-occurring NAD levels greater than 100μM and with no adverse

effect. Hence, we suggest 100uM as a safe upper level.

Can one be allergic to NAD supplements? How would one know?

We are not aware of any allergic reactions to NMN products of high quality, and we do

not expect allergic reactions to high purity NMN or ingredients in our Vitality Boost

product. If you are concerned with potential allergic reactions to a product and want totry the product, you may want to start with a lower dose and gradually escalate the

dosage over time to assure a smooth transition to optimized NAD.

Once my NAD levels are optimized, do I continue to supplement with it? At what


Yes, it is recommended to continue taking the supplement after NAD optimization. After

four weeks of stopping NAD supplementation, levels return to baseline, sub-optimal

levels. Continue taking the dose you used to optimize your levels to maintain the good


When and how often I should test my NAD level?

Ideally, one should take an NAD test before starting an NAD optimization program. It is

even more important to take an NAD test if you’re trying to optimize your NAD levels so

that you know the product and dosing strategy are working. It usually takes only 2-4

weeks for the supplements to raise your NAD. To make sure that your chosen product

is working, it is advised that another test be taken at about the four-week mark. That

way, if your product is not working, there is no need to waste time and money on a

supplement that is ineffective. Once your NAD is optimized, you only need to test again

2-3 times a year, unless your health status has significantly changed, or you have

changed the types and dosage of NAD products, or other supplements, medicines, or


At what age should one begin to take NAD supplements?

There is no official recommendation from any medical organizations in this regard. Our

extensive data indicate that some 25% of teenagers are already suboptimal or deficient

in NAD levels and some are severely deficient in NAD. Young people with severely

deficient NAD usually have major health issues. There’s a sharp decline in NAD starting

in the late twenties in some people and the proportion of people with NAD deficiencies

increases with age. We believe that everyone can benefit from an NAD test in their

thirties and younger people with health issues can benefit from an NAD test sooner than


We do not believe that there is an upper age limit to NAD supplementation. However, at

the lower limit, there are very limited data on the potential benefits or harm to very

young people, especially infants. There is no data on infants and limited data on very

young people (teenagers). We do not recommend NAD supplementation by infants

unless the NAD level has been determined and NAD treatment is recommended by a

medical professional.

Does NAD interact in any way with prescription drugs I may be taking?

We are not aware of any known adverse interaction between NMN and prescription

drugs. There are data suggesting that NAD optimization may improve the efficacy of

certain health procedures, such as therapies for inflammation and oxidative stress and

cellular senescence. Further studies are needed to define these potential benefits.Do you truly offer a money-back guarantee for the Vitality Boost supplements if

my NAD level does not reach the optimum range after using the supplement?

Absolutely! If you take our Vitality Boost product and follow the recommended schedule

and dosage, and your NAD does not reach the optimum range as determined by our

intracellular NAD test, we will work with you to find a personalized solution to get your

NAD optimized, or we will refund your purchase of the supplements.