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Our Leadership Team

Dr. Timothy Rupp, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

About me

Dr. Timothy J. Rupp is an emergency medicine physician located in Dallas, Texas and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Northwest Texas Healthcare System-Amarillo and Baylor Scott and White Medical Center-Centennial. Dr. Rupp joined the LiveForeverHealth team in early 2022 and is experienced in all areas of treatment that Live Forever Health offers.

Maria Nadal, RN

Lead Multi-State Registered Nurse

About me

Maria Nadal, a dedicated and experienced Registered Nurse. Began her nursing journey at Nova Southeastern University, where she earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Over the past seven years, my career has been diverse, spanning both the in the health and wellness field.

Brittany Newberry, PhD, NP

Chief Clinical Officer

about me

25 years in Medicine. She holds a Bachelor & Master of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) & a Master of Public Health (Environmental and Occupational Health) from Emory University. She also holds a PhD from North Central University in Educational Technology and E-learning. She is board certified in both family and emergency medicine. She has worked 15 years in emergency medicine and over 5 years exclusively in hormone replacement, preventative medicine & overall wellness.

Tania Franco, NP

Lead Nurse Practitioner

About me

Experienced Nurse Practitioner with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Pediatrics, Patient Safety, Nursing, and Basic Life Support (BLS). Strong human resources professional with a Masters of Business Administration focused in Healthcare from Florida International University - College of Business Administration.

Larry Randolph

Director of Patient Care


Larry Randolph is a 50 State Licensed Certified Medical Assistant with over 6 years of experience in Hormone Replacement Therapy. He has extensive knowledge of various innvovative protocols that exist to optimize ones life. He has a great track record putting patients at ease and walking them through the enrollment process. Larry is passionate about helping others and is devoted to helping patients optimize their lives through Live Forever Health various treatments.

Celeste Paige

Strategic Marketing Director

About me

Seasoned marketing professional with extensive experience in SEO, PPC, and social media management. Known for consistently driving results and increasing revenue for a variety of organizations through the execution and optimization of comprehensive digital marketing strategies. With her technical proficiency in SEO and PPC, she possesses strong communication and leadership skills that enable her to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and manage projects from ideation to execution.
Network Providers

Mary EllenMasillo

Multi-State Registered Nurse

about me

Over twelve years of experience as a RN and twenty-four years overall experience in the health and wellness space. She comes in with extensive recruitment, training and mangement experience with Major health companies like Orlando Health, Westchester Memorial and Phelps Memorial Hospital.

Lovietrice Mims - Gonzalez

Multi-State Registered Nurse

About us

Lovie Gonzalez has been providing primary and urgent care as a traveling/ Family Nurse for over 15 years. Some of Lovie's other great skills consist of Start of Care, Resumption of Care, Discharges, Oasis, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, HMO's Private, wound care, trach care, skilled visits, infusions, IV, peripheral lines, supervisory visits, Patient education, Medication reconciliation, Blood draws, cultures, Assessments and Teach and trains!

Robert Gonnerman, RN

VP of Health Coaching – Men’s Division

about me

Robert Gonnerman is a compassionate Registered Nurse with over 6 years of experience in the health care industry. As an avid gym and supplement enthusiast, he specializes in hormone and supplementation therapy. Graduate of an accredited nursing program in Poughkeepsie NY. Robert is passionate about health and fitness and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the patients of Live Forever Health.

Herltg-Debbie Louis

Nurse Practitioner

About me

Excellent driven certified Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years combined as an Advanced Practice provider and in emergency medicine. She also has over 10 years working with patients in person and via tele-health. Over 5 years working in aesthetics, Anti-aging and Hormone Rejuvenation.

Nick Perslin

Health & Wellness Coach

about me

Nick Perslin has spent over 20 years in the highly stressful field of law enforcement. He now coaches veterans, law enforcement officers and everday men with diet, fitness, supplements and hormone optimization. He understands the importance of maintaining strength, clarity and overall fitness for peak performance. He is incredibly knowledgeable about how health, fitness and overall wellness add great value to a comprehensive men’s health program so that they feel their best, stay active and prevent diseases of aging.

April Gonnerman, RN

VP of Health Coaching – Women’s Division

about me

April Gonnerman is a licensed registered nurse who has been working in healthcare for over 10 years. Aprils passion resides in optimizing a patients overall health and well being. April is active in fitness and enjoys providing optimal care for her patients needs

Tony Pemberton

Anti-aging Advisor

about me

Tony Pemberton followed a long career in building design engineering. The long, sedentary hours in front of a desk took their toll on his health metrics. By discovering epigenetics, he was able to stop taking medication for ADHD & depression. This journey using precision wellness was documented on the YouTube podcast channel "The Enhanced Man". ​ Certified through Epigenetic Coaching and London South Bank University.
Brand ambassadors

Ronald Jones

The Health & Wellness Fitness Guy With “Practical Advice For Your Real World Goals”

about me

Ron is a 16-year professional fitness pro, certified personal trainer and bodybuilder in the NPC Super Heavyweight division. Ron’s goal has been helping people reach their short and long term fitness goals while discovering their max potential. Ranging from young athletes to senior clients, he holds the tools to help you master whatever you’re trying to conquer.

Jon Brodi aka JonBravo

Documentary Extraordinaire & Sports Journalist

about me

Jon Bravo, (born Jonathan Brodi) is an American YouTube personality. In a rather short span of time he has gathered the attention of national media and broke worldwide news with his work on various series of short (documentary) films featuring Mike Tyson and many others.

Claudia Mustelier

Fitness & Wellness Fitness Sensation

about me

Successful Model and Social Influencer. Claudia Mustelier emerged as a fitness sensation, captivating audiences with her unique approach to health and wellness. Her infectious energy and genuine enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle quickly attracted a dedicated following on social media. Through a combination of engaging workout routines, nutritional insights, and motivational messages, she became a trusted source of inspiration for those seeking to embark on their fitness journey.

Sonia Andreou, MD aka Sunny Andrews

World Champion Physique Competitor & Coach

about me

A competitive athlete from a young age and had dreams of being a professional soccer player or running track in the Olympics. Sunny is a medical doctor and IFBB Wellness Pro. She believes that preventative medicine is the best medicine. At LiveForeverHealth, she works with women and showing them how to expedite their fitness goals through strategic workouts, proper nutrition and a positive mind set.

Fabi Martinez

Olympia Wellness Champion & Model

about me

Beyond her online presence, Fabi Martinez extended her influence by organizing fitness events, workshops, and collaborating with like-minded brands. Her commitment to promoting overall well-being made her not just a fitness icon but a wellness advocate. Whether through her innovative workout routines, motivational speaking engagements, or community-building initiatives, she remains a beacon of positivity and empowerment in the world of health and fitness.

Myron Jackson

Bodybuilding, Nutritional and Training Expert

about me

Creator of the Blueprint 3000 Program. Myron has a wealth of knowledge. Myron's unique approach to bodybuilding is not merely about building muscle; it's a holistic philosophy that encompasses mental fortitude, resilience, and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. His authenticity shines through in every post, making him more than just a fitness influencer but a mentor to those seeking guidance on their own fitness journey.
Advisory Board

Dr. Jin-Xiong She

Expert in optimizing healthspan through biomarker testing and precision nutraceuticals

about me

Dr. Jin-Xiong received his college education in China and PhD degree in France. After a short postdoctoral training at the University of Florida (UF), he was quickly promoted to Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full and Endowed Professor. He served as Division Chief of Experimental Pathology and Director of Research of the UF’s world-class Diabetes Center. Dr. She was recruited in 2002 to be the Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Genomic Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia.

Dr. Gregory Hannum, PhD

Bioenginerring & Scientist Extraordinaire

about me

Dr. Gregory Hannum developed one of the first Epigenetic Clocks. He received his PhD in Bioengineering from the University of California . He is an author of more than 16 publications and 4 patents.

George Church, Ph.D

2011 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science

about me

George Church is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His pioneering work has contributed to the development of DNA sequencing and genome engineering technologies for which he received multiple awards including the 2011 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science from the Franklin Institute and election to the National Academy of Sciences and Engineering.