TruAge Complete Supplement: Complete Anti-Aging nutritional formula
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TruAge Complete Supplement: Complete Anti-Aging Nutritional Formula



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Our Live Forever Health TruAge COMPLETE, at-home epigenetic test tells you how old you really are from a biological standpoint, and analyzes how fast or slow your body is currently aging on a cellular level. Of our two testing options, Live Forever Health TruAge COMPLETE offers the most comprehensive and in-depth look at various, biological elements of aging.

Live Forever Health TruAge COMPLETE is the go-to kit for anti-aging enthusiasts who want a comprehensive look at their baseline aging metrics, as well as in-depth analysis of specific, age-related biomarkers.

Live Forever Health TruAge COMPLETE answers the following age-related questions: 

  • My birthday makes me _ years old, but how old is my body, biologically? (My OMICm Age)
  • What is my age-related risk of developing various diseases?
  • What is my age-related risk of death?
  • Strictly looking at performance biomarkers, how old am I from a physical fitness standpoint?
  • I have _ concentrations of various immune cells. How are those levels impacting my biological age?
  • For each calendar year that passes, how many years is my body actually aging?
  • How long are my telomeres?
  • How does my relationship with alcohol consumption impact my DNA expression and aging processes?
  • According to my DNA expression, am I likely to lose weight from restricting my caloric intake?
  • How has my lifetime exposure to tobacco smoke impacted my DNA expression and aging processes?
  • What can I do to improve my age-related, biological metrics?

This test includes:

OMICm Age Report

Included with TruAge COMPLETE.

Discover your biological age through the most advanced and predictive aging algorithm ever created; OMICm Age, developed by TruDiagnostic in partnership with Harvard University.

OMICm Age is exciting healthcare providers and patients alike because it provides novel insights into the reasons why someone is experiencing advanced aging. Older analysis was limited in the nature of only being able to determine if a patient’s age and biological aging was accelerated or decelerated. Now we can not only tell you your biological age, but also what is most likely contributing to an age acceleration!

This report includes the following:

  • Your OMICm Biological Age
  • Your Risk of Death
  • Your Risk of Stroke, Cancer, Congenital Heart Disease, COPD, Depression, and Type II Diabetes
  • Your Methylation Risk Scores for Various Proteins
  • Your Methylation Risk Scores for Various Metabolites
  • Your Methylation Risk Scores for Clinical Biomarkers

PLUS– Discover whether your methylation risk scores for various, multi-omic measurements are correlated with a higher or lower biological age. This report also calculates what your risk of death and disease would be if your biological age increases or decreases by one to several years.

Fitness Report

Included with TruAge COMPLETE.

Discover how old you are according to your physical fitness and functionality!

This report calculates your OMICm FitAge, aka your overall biological age based exclusively on epigenetic biomarkers of physical performance. This measurement uses our novel OMICm FitAge Acceleration algorithm to calculate your results.

PLUS– Learn more about the aging status of your:

  • Muscle Strength (Grip Strength)
  • Lung Function (VO2Max & FEV1)
  • Walking Speed (Gait Speed)

These metrics are reported in a format that tells you whether you are performing better or worse than others who share the same calendar age as you, and by what percentage.

Immune Report

Included with TruAge COMPLETE.

Discover the concentration and ratios of various types of immune cells throughout your body, along with how those results are associated with either an increased or decreased risk of death and disease (such as cancer and Type II Diabetes).

This report also breaks down how various lifestyle factors such as caffeine consumption and BMI impact your immune cell levels.

Do you ever wonder why many older adults experience a harder time battling diseases like COVID-19 or the common flu, compared to younger people who typically have an easier time recovering from the same illnesses?

It all boils down to the capabilities of one’s immune cells to effectively respond to internal and foreign health threats; capabilities which tend to decrease with age.

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Live Forever Health TruAge COMPLETE

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