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Live Forever Health is the modern health platform that offers personalized care with data driven insights, licensed physician consultations, and medications, all from home.


As the premier telehealth services platform, we empower clients with two distinct pathways to success.


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Sexual Health Enhancement

Lifestyle & Nutrition Support

Cognitive Health & Productivity

Functional Medicine

Thyroid Function

Body Recomposition

Disease Prevention

Sleep and Recovery

Fertility Coaching

HOW IT Works

Our 5 step process was developed with convenience in mind. We partner with medical experts from around the globe to bring high quality treatment straight to your door.


Intake Evaluation

Complete the health history application and secure your $100 initial provider consultation. Meet with your Medical Professional via video conference to examine your symptoms, goals, and way of life.


Personalized Diagnostics

You are welcomed to upload your own bloodwork prior to your consultation or purchase our at home diagnostic testing kits designed just for you. Pricing starts at $150 and results arrive within 7 days and are accompanied by a comprehensive review with actionable recommendations.


Provider Consultation

One of our licenced partnered providers will meet with you via video conference to discuss your results in detail, answer questions in real-time, and forumlate a customized treatment plan.


Coaching Plan Review

Dive into your coaching plan and learn the suggested lifestyle changes, supplement, and treatment recommendations based on your bloodwork and goals. Treatments sent directly to your door.



Participate in monthly check-ins with your health success team to share your progress, questions, and address any roadblocks you may face. We are with you every step of the way.

Access, Experience, Expertise.

That’s what you’re paying for when you decide to team up with Live Forever Lab.

We’re not just some telehealth company people come to for an ongoing prescription. You can find that anywhere — we’re a premiere coaching and concierge medicine service.

You See, Telehealth Subscription Programs Really Only Work For People Who Need Refills Of The Same Prescription Month To Month.

That’s Not The Service You’re Paying For When You Partner With An Expert Provider Like Live Forever Health.



Your first treatment plan may not be the same path we follow forever.

As your life and goals change, the “a la carte” model that Liveforeverlab is built on will be able to service you in whatever decision you choose to go.

That’s what Liveforeverlab is interested in: helping you check off every box as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can live your life freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently only work with U.S. based residents so unfortunately we aren’t able to service you right now.

*If you’re an American Citizen working overseas with an APO box, we may be able to ship select items to you, please inquire with your Health Coach.

Well, that’s a tricky question. 
Only because most other telehealth platforms are simply looking at estrogen and testosterone levels to determine whether or not a client is the right fit—but it’s not so cut and dry.

The ranges we have for hormone health changes between labs but they’re also largely arbitrary and don’t paint the whole picture of what’s going on.

Like we said earlier, our bodies vary person to person which means symptoms and “optimal” hormone levels do too.

Some people have markers suggesting they’re in desperate need of hormone replacement and yet they show no classic signs like fatigue, anxiety, or low libido. Others have impeccable markers suggesting that everything is fine yet they’re experiencing all the symptoms associated with it.

That’s why the main Liveforeverlab Health packages come with a provider consultation: not to just prescribe your hormone therapy, to make sure that your body is lining up with what the labs are saying.

It’s possible that you’re experiencing a thyroid issue or maybe you’re vitamin B12 deficient—but ultimately, we won’t find out until we dig deeper and look at your overall health versus just your hormone levels.

“If you’re not a candidate for TRT, they will still help you optimize your health and hormones in other ways.” – Nathan R.

That being the case, we strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to assess baseline diagnostic lab work and consulting with one of our partnered medical providers.

Once you’ve got your lab work, they’ll be able to determine whether or not you’re eligible for TRT/HRT based on your lab markers, health history, symptoms, and goals.

*If you’re an American Citizen working overseas with an APO box, we may be able to ship select items to you, please inquire with your Health Coach.

Liveforeverlab is a telehealth platform built on streamlining health optimization. We use preventative medicine and evidence-based treatment plans to get our clients the results they want. 

We’re not your typical telehealth service though. While we have an extensive catalog of prescription medications, we’re not here to write you a script and end the relationship. Most other companies would just diagnose and set you up with a monthly subscription plan without giving it a second thought. 

But we don’t see health that way. 

We know our bodies vary from person to person consisting of countless variables, which is why we take a comprehensive approach by evaluating your health as a whole. 

What works for you won’t work for the next person. Hell, what works for you now may not work for you 3 months in the future. That’s why we don’t offer any set subscription plans and you can cancel whenever you want.

Our main focus is on the client, not the prescription. 

Liveforeverlab’s job is to connect clients interested in human optimization with pragmatic healthcare professionals who are dedicated to peak performance. Once you’ve been paired with one of our partnered physicians, the aim is to check off as many health goals as safely as possible in between check-ins.

We work flexibly to fit your needs as a client because with just a little more organizational work on our end, the overall quality of life is enhanced and your results are that much better.

Note: Liveforeverlab is not a healthcare clinic. We do not administer healthcare, nor do we prescribe treatments or medications. Instead, Liveforeverlab is a platform that connects clients with highly specialized healthcare providers for their healthcare needs.

Liveforeverlab does not communicate with health insurance companies for any of our services; even though the overall health of our clients is tremendously enhanced and they experience a better quality of life.  Many health insurance providers don’t see it this way and consider our services elective.

Many customers have had success using FSA or HSA means of payment. Liveforeverlab can provide copies of invoices and lab requisitions as needed.  Because we are direct pay, and do not seek reimbursement from insurance providers, we cannot provide procedure codes (CPT) or diagnostic codes (ICD-10).

Promotion details and disclaimers
Discount and promotion codes are one-time use only. Not valid on prior purchases. Offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, or discount code. Void where prohibited, taxed, or otherwise restricted. Customers are limited to one discount or promotion code in their lifetime. Promotions have no cash value. Liveforeverlab has the right to modify any promotion at any time. Other restrictions may apply. Offers only apply to the United States unless otherwise noted.

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